Physiotherapy of animals

Animals need a little different approach, but I love them since my childhood, and I have always had the tendency to care about them more than what is usual.
Take horses and dogs for example. It is not only their back that I focus on. I can help them with some sorts of joint injuries, muscle and soft tissue injuries, I fix motion disharmony... I gained my knowledge in this field in Ireland on one of the best veterinary clinics concerned with horses. I then continued to gain praxis on clinics in Glanmire, under the coaching of Dr. M. John T. Hyde, and in Rehazentrum Steinberg in Germany by the Dr. Matthias Baumann.

Manual techniques that I use on people and animals help ease pain caused by injuries and overstraining, and they lead to faster recovery. Also, I achieve great improvements in helping to ease chronic pain of animals. Muscles, sinews, joints, and spines of animals suffer same problems as human's. Therefore manual therapy can help animals as well as it helps people.

I gladly offer my help to older dogs and horses and their problems that come with age. Although it is impossible in some cases to make a complete recovery, mere easing of their pain can make their lives much better.
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