Massage and Physiotherapy

Hello, my name is Petra Zelmer
I devote myself to provide manual therapies focused on problems and pains of muscular system of not only humans, but animals as well.

In the year 2000 in Ireland I got introduced to a discipline that fulfilled my vision of helping people and animals. I was very lucky to be able to study at the University of Cork in Ireland and obtain the title I.T.E.C in the field of post-traumatic therapy. I worked and honed my skills in Ireland, Germany, and Italy. I had great teachers who were kind enough to share their know-how with me. I try to keep up with the most modern procedures and discoveries.
Those techniques help release pain caused by injuries and overstrain muscles, bad lifestyle, or congenital faults and they provide a long-lasting effect. I always try to find a way to ease or at least partially remove any pain. I aim to treat every patient as a unique individual. I work to assist you and your body to move better, hurt less and recover more fully.

I treat a wide variety of patients, young and old. My aim is that everyone from elite athletes to arthritic octogenarians can expect to leave the clinic feeling better, informed about their problem and with a plan of action to promote recovery.

I coach preventive programs for sportsmen, professionals or laymen, or those who decided to confront sports in spite of being of higher age. I specialize myself in problems connected with sports such as golf, tennis, horse riding, swimming, skiing, and many more. You can prevent injuries only by consulting a professional and holding a good posture. You can also make your body more effective and gain greater health benefits from the sport of your choice.

Treatment with me consists of a thorough assessment of your problem from which we formulate a treatment plan which usually consists of several of the following.

In clinic treatment:
• Joint and neural mobilisation
• Joint Manipulation.
• Soft tissue and myofascial release.
• Kinesiology taping

Out of clinic treatment:
• Simple effective home exercise plans
• Postural advice
• Self treatment and pain relief tips
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